Elaphoglossum peltatum

Elaphoglossum peltatum is one of my favorite tiny ferns. I’m not going to write a big complicated post about them right now. Just share some photos of this beautiful little fern.

If you want one of these, they’re actually available on Amazon. (This is an associates link. If you purchase through this link, I’ll get a commission.)


This fern is variable, so it may look like a couple different species, but the photos below are all E peltatum.

FB_IMG_1455306140332 FB_IMG_1455306144589 FB_IMG_1455306148691 FB_IMG_1455306153053 FB_IMG_1455306153053FB_IMG_1455306157745 FB_IMG_1455306161466 FB_IMG_1455306166034 FB_IMG_1455306170610 FB_IMG_1455306174513 FB_IMG_1455306179077 FB_IMG_1455306183318 FB_IMG_1455306187008 FB_IMG_1455306190451 FB_IMG_1455306194185

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