My Experience with #ReptileCare

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Reptile care can seem like the most basic thing in the world: you just follow some directions, make sure your reptile has food and water, and maybe some heat, and it’ll be fine. This theory may work great for cats and dogs or other common household pets, but many people seem to forget that each species has specialized needs. There’s no “turtles eat lettuce” or “snakes eat mice” blanket statement that you can follow and have it work out every time. You have to adapt to your animals’ needs, and you have to continue studying.

My first herpetile pets were frogs and fire bellied toads. I was a kid and had read some books on the subject, so I felt like I had a pretty good idea on how to take care of my amphibians. Many of those books were published in the 60’s or 70’s and already wildly outdated by the time I read them. My frogs and toads did fine, but I kept reading and learning.

Before long, I started trying out different things that I had read about or seen, such as live plants and live moss, purchased nicer enclosures and lighting. Eventually, I discovered the online reptile community, and a whole new world of information opened up to me.

In the beginning, I enjoyed some great online forums, which eventually gave way to Facebook reptile groups and a myriad of websites devoted to reptile care.  One of the newer sites is petMD®.

As my reptile care improved, so did the happiness of my animals. My fire bellied toads even bred without much effort. They were a lot of fun to watch in their little jungle habitats that I had created for them. I also really enjoyed learning about what plants worked best for them, Great care made the animals even more fun to watch. To this day, I continue reading and learning. There’s always more info out there, and if it’s not new info, it’s a new animal to learn about!

I always love getting new animals, but my focus will always be providing great reptile care for the animals I have. Sometimes all it takes to improve your care is a new bulb or a larger tank. You can find these things at PetSmart®, in stores or at the Reptile Purchase Center online.

Be curious! Read about what your animal needs and how you can better meet those needs. Set a little extra money aside for supplies instead of a new pet. Read a care book! The more you know, the more fun this hobby will be!

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