Lepanthes calodictyon Blooming

Remember this picture of my Lepanthes calodictyon mini orchid? It was really hard to see the bud… but it bloomed! I had to look reeeeeeeally closely, and even then I wasn’t sure what I was seeing. I had to get my camera out to even verify that it was a flower!

Mini Orchid bug Lepanthes calodictyon

Lepanthes calodictyon has a teeny tiny itty bitty miniscule little flower, but it’s beautiful! I’ve wanted this mini orchid since I started seeing it in other vivariums on Dendroboard and some great pages on Facebook. At first, I didn’t buy it because I was worried that I’d kill it, but after visiting Seattle Orchid, I couldn’t resist any longer and decided to give it a try. Apparently, I’m successful! It took a while to find the right location in the vivarium, but the mini orchid is mounted on a tiny cork panel, so I was able to move it around to find the right location.

It’s really hard to get a steady picture of a miniscule flower, right before bed in the middle of the night, but I gave it my best shot. It looks like it might have another bud coming in, so maybe I’ll get another chance soon.

Mini Orchid bug Lepanthes calodictyon

No, you really don’t understand. It’s TINY. I have fruit flies larger than this flower. Pick up a penny and look at it, then look at this picture again. I’m blown away by the size of it!

Mini Orchid bug Lepanthes calodictyon

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