New Tinctorius

I got new frogs last weekend at the reptile show in Renton Washington. I decided to go for something pretty simple and got a few new Tinctorius. I bought two Azureus and one Matecho, but only because they only had one! I probably would have bought several if they’d been available.

The Azureus are settling into the 40 gallon tank nicely. These guys climb a lot, so they’re exploring every inch of this tank. I may have to secure some things a little better to prevent the frogs from dislodging the plants, but so far so good.

tinctorius azureus

Action shot! You can even see the springtails in his mouth!

I decided to put the new Tinctorius in the 40 gallon tank because the water feature is a bit too deep for the Varadero. There are too many ways for such tiny frogs to get in trouble. The new Tinctorius are big enough to manage the water without issue, and too big to squeeze into some of the tiny holes that concerned me with the Varadero.

tinctorius azureus

I’ve seen a lot of belly shots, but what I really liked about this shot is the toes. You can kinda see through the little knuckles where the bones are a bit translucent. It’s amazing how tiny their ‘fingers’ are. Plus, those colors. I know Azureus are pretty common, but there’s a good reason they remain so popular. Just look at that blue!

tinctorius azureus

I have yet to get a shot of the Matecho that does it justice. The lights are causing some overexposure and blowing out the faint orange around the eyes. Beautiful frog. I need to get out my good camera! This little guy is living in a temporary home until I get something larger build for him. Obviously, he’s not even half of his full size yet, so I have a little time to work on that. And the good news is, I get to build another tank!

tinctorius matecho

Another attempt at a photo… The point and shoot really can’t handle his colors.

tinctorius matecho

And just for fun, a bad shot of the Varaderos as well. Water on glass makes photography difficult.

Ranitomeya imitator Varadero


  1. Devin says:

    Healthy looking frogs. Do you mind if I ask which vendor you picked them up from?

    If you’re looking for another Matecho let me know. I got four that I’ve hatched and am raising and once I get another proven pair I’d be willing to separate with one or two.

    • Ryan says:

      Thanks! The tincs are from Darren Meyers. The thumbnails are from a guy on Dendroboard, screen name OSU.

      I may be looking for another Matecho at some point. My three are pretty young still, so I’m waiting to see if I have a pair as well. Depending on what we both end up with, I might even be willing to trade. I’m not sure what the odds are of all one gender, but I’m pretty sure I ended up with 1.3 on the Varadero, so that would be my luck. lol

  2. So pretty! I love that blue. I have a car that color. 🙂 Thanks for sharing all your critters with us! I have a Bearded Dragon named Shirley. She’s about 9 months old now and in brumation. I miss her. :/ I’ll be back!

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