30 Gallon Tank, Part 4, Moss

The moss for this tank arrived today! I’m going to wait until the plants arrive to place any of it. The moss came from www.bluepumilio.com. It’s tropical sheet moss, fern moss, and sphagnum moss.

Also, I think I’m going to change the water feature. It’s too deep. I’m going to try filling it in a bit and see if it’ll still flow ok.


  1. Ginger Heath says:

    I’m so very impressed with your tank.Do you have a picture with the moss in it yet?How do you keep the soil on the side of your pond from falling in?Thank you

    • admin says:

      Unfortunately, I had to tear it down right before adding moss and plants. The tank started leaking. Since then, I’ve upgraded to a larger tank and have been slowly reassembling it, giving the silicone longer to dry. When taking apart the first version, I discovered that a lot of silicone was still soft, so it’s taking longer this time around. In this picture, you can see a piece of coco coir planter liner that I used to hold some of the soil in place. I plan on doing the same thing in the new version, and put a sheet of that first moss over it.

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