30 Gallon Tank, Part 2

Finally made some more progress. I’m really pleased with how the roots turned out. When I started on them, I was expecting it to be a disaster, but after adding silicone and peat moss, I’m really happy with them!

I need to set up better lighting to get rid of the glare, but you get the idea.

tank for dart frogs

I used the roots to form more support for the pots. All the roots are tacked down with pins while the silicone dries. I might need to use something more to keep the roots in place.


I put silicone and peat moss on the pots as well. This will look a lot better. It didn’t add any extra time, since I had already planned on doing all this with the roots, and it’ll make the pots blend into the background.

pot dart frog tank

Almost ready for plants! I still need to decide what other plants to buy. That’s probably the hardest part.

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