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Ranitomeya imitator “Varadero”

New frogs! I’ve wanted these guys for a while, so I’m pretty excited! I got 5 of them. They’re too young to sex yet, but hopefully I’ll get two pairs or find someone nearby to trade with for a pair. With 5 frogs, the odds of getting one pair is 94%, but I’m not sure what the odds of getting two pairs is. I think the odds of two pairs is more like 50-75%.

Species – Ranitomeya imitator “Varadero”
Line/Origin – UE (RI-RPNV)
Age – 4-5 months

ranitomeya imitator varadero

ranitomeya imitator varadero

ranitomeya imitator varadero

ranitomeya imitator varadero

ranitomeya imitator varadero

ranitomeya imitator varadero

ranitomeya imitator varadero


30 Gallon Tank, Part 4, Moss

The moss for this tank arrived today! I’m going to wait until the plants arrive to place any of it. The moss came from It’s tropical sheet moss, fern moss, and sphagnum moss.

Also, I think I’m going to change the water feature. It’s too deep. I’m going to try filling it in a bit and see if it’ll still flow ok.

Trichosalpinx rotundata

Shopping for plants for my 30 gallon tank, I’ve run across a bunch of plants I want, but haven’t made my list for this tank. One of those plants is Trichosalpinx rotundata, a small, unusual species of orchid. All photos link to the sources.

small round orchid leaves


Trichosalpinx rotundata terrarium orchid


small orchid vivarium


terrarium orchid

30 Gallon Tank, Part 3

Made some more progress. I may make some changes, but it’s pretty much done except the plants. I’m still hoping to find Goodyera pusilla for this tank, but I ordered almost all of the plants I wanted yesterday, so I’ll be able to start planting in the near future.


The ferns are just temporarily placed for now. I haven’t decided if I’m going to use them in this tank since they’ll get larger than I want. I’m really looking forward to getting the plants!

30 Gallon Tank, Part 2

Finally made some more progress. I’m really pleased with how the roots turned out. When I started on them, I was expecting it to be a disaster, but after adding silicone and peat moss, I’m really happy with them!

I need to set up better lighting to get rid of the glare, but you get the idea.

tank for dart frogs

I used the roots to form more support for the pots. All the roots are tacked down with pins while the silicone dries. I might need to use something more to keep the roots in place.


I put silicone and peat moss on the pots as well. This will look a lot better. It didn’t add any extra time, since I had already planned on doing all this with the roots, and it’ll make the pots blend into the background.

pot dart frog tank

Almost ready for plants! I still need to decide what other plants to buy. That’s probably the hardest part.