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30 Gallon Tank, Part 1

I haven’t had frogs in a while. I recently started collecting plants again, and one thing kinda leads to the other. I started a 30 gallon viv to house some of my plants in, but it’s going to eventually have frogs as well.

Here’s how far I’ve gotten so far. The background is made out of sheets of styrofoam. Great Stuff™ expanding foam holds it together and forms the extra details. I cut out holes to put pots in for some of the plants that will go in this tank.

After the Great Stuff™ dried, I used a soldering iron to melt the styrofoam a little. This smooths and hardens the surface.

There will be a waterfall coming down between the two “roots”, and this is the water intake.

A view from above, where the little pond will be.

Crappy picture after applying most of the background. I used dry peat moss and brown silicone.

This gives you an idea of the depth.

Background is dry, and most of the pots are replaced.

I can hardly wait to have moss growing all over this.

I haven’t decided for sure which pots to use. These are the two options I have. The black ones fit the holes better, but the brown ones I think would blend in better. I still have time to decide.

I still have more to do on the background. I’m planning on making vines out of the rope to give the background more dimension, and maybe to help hold the pots in place. I still need to figure out lighting, but I’m happy with how the background is going.